Importance of Proper Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important activities of our lives. One cannot go for long without sleep. Lack of proper sleep not only leaves one exposed to possible ailments, but it also shortens their lifespan. It is important to ensure that you get enough hours of sleep. When one sleeps, the body gets repaired and rejuvenated to prepare you for the next day. One is more productive, relaxed, peaceful and happy when they get enough hours of sleep. Lack of proper sleep leaves one vulnerable to physical and mental problems in later years.

How long should one sleep?

Little kids should sleep between 9-20 hours a day. Teenagers should take between 8-9.5 hours while adults should have 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every day. Rarely do people uphold this and that is the reason why most people wake up feeling fatigued, grumpy and unproductive.

The process

Most people don’t understand what goes on when they fall asleep. The whole process is quite complex but explained; sleep can be broken into two categories that alternate after every 90 minutes. 75% of each night sleep is spent in the non-rapid eye movement state, NREM. The other 25% is spent in the rapid eye movement state, REM.

NREM state involves four main stages. The first phase is when one is the in-between phase’ this occurs when one just about to fall asleep. It oscillates between being awake and being asleep. The second phase occurs when sleep starts. During this phase, the body disengages from its surroundings, breathing becomes regular and the temperature drops. Phases three and four involve the most restful sleep or what is usually called the deep sleep. This is when the rejuvenation of the body occurs, tissues are repaired, muscles relaxed and hormones are released. In these phases, the heart rate drops while the breathing slows down. This is the most important part of sleep, and everyone should seek to achieve it anytime they sleep.


REM state is usually a cycle. It occurs after every 90 minutes after the onset of sleep. This period gets longer and longer as the night progresses. REM usually involves several activities taking place. During this state, energy is restored to the body and the brain. It is also believed that the subconscious brain is active at this time. It is the time when dreams occur. Most people believe that this is the time when the day’s hardest riddles and puzzles are solved. It is also the time when one can remember things that have been bugging them the whole day.

So for those that think sleep is but a waste of time, it’s a high chance they rethink this and start getting enough hours of sleep. You might realize a drastic change in the way you are now and the way you become once you start getting enough hours of sleep. Sleep is also therapeutic in that it helps one remain younger and radiant. So the next time you fall asleep, ensure to take at least 7 hours, and you will realize how more productive you will be during the day. Sleep well and sweet dreams!…

Benefits of Cardio Exercise


We have all heard that we cannot simply live without some exercise. It is also clear that some types of exercise benefit you in some ways that others don’t. Cardio workouts have been touted as the most important for many good reasons. Before getting to know the explanations given by experts for why you need to get your heart rate up, it is important that you understand about the different forms of cardio exercises;

Running is something that everyone can do no matter their age. The speed at which you run will determine your body shape and strength. If you practice like a distance runner, you will look like one, and if you do it like a sprinter, you will look like one. You will burn calories running steadily, but sprints take it to the next level.

Walking is considered to be the easiest, safest method of getting in your cardio but you can also go climbing to work even more muscles. If you would rather not go outdoors, choose the jump rope to get some cardio daily. Jumping rope might have been easy and fun as a child, but you will be surprised how tired it’ll make you.

Swimming is another form of body workout that is ideal for all core muscles. As long as you are not simply floating, will work out both your lungs, heart, and muscles. If you are keen on working out without causing stress to joints, rowing is a great idea that will work both lower and upper bodies.

Whatever form you choose, stick to it and in a matter of the time you will begin experiencing the benefits of cardio exercises;

Increased bone density

The more walking, running or swimming you do, the denser your muscles become. These forms of cardio promote a healthy cartilage which is important in the protection from arthritis.

Reduces stress

Exercising increases the release of the natural happy hormone. It also promotes the release of endorphins to stabilize your mood. When you exercise, you will tire the brain, making it much easier to fall asleep.

Stronger heart

The heart is a muscle that needs a constant workout to make it stronger. Cardio routines increase the heart rate, and this pumping is healthy. Simply running or rowing will prevent both heart disease and stroke, the biggest killer in the world.

Weight loss

When you do cardio, it makes you sweat and burn calories that would otherwise be stored. People who do no exercise risk obesity and the nasty ailments it causes. Studies show that the people who exercise live longer than those who don’t.

More energy

When you work out the body, your mind can function much better than if you simply stay in one place. Mental focus makes you feel more energetic and full of confidence to face life’s daily challenges.

Better health, a stronger shapelier body are a great bargain for simply moving. However, results will not magically appear so you must be consistent. To stay on the right path with your cardio, you can form a group or join a class. This is better than going it alone and has the additional benefit of making you better socialized.…